About Me

You want to know that you are hiring the right freelance copywriter for your organization, and I’m happy to tell you why I’m the professional copywriter for you.


You will benefit from an AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc.) trained and verified copywriter. AWAI is a leader in direct response copywriter training. Its program experts are not just good teachers, but successful working copywriters.

To be great, one has to study the greats. I’ve done that.

Training certification - AWAI Verified

You will get expert copywriting from a trained professional. The AWAI Verified™ certification is proof of my competence.

Ongoing Development

You also get a copywriter committed to always improving his knowledge of SEO best practices, marketing tactics, psychology, and emerging trends in all avenues of online marketing.

I frequently take additional training, follow numerous industry publications, and interact with other marketing professionals.


Access to Experts

As a member of The Professional Writers’ Alliance, I have access to a focused community of copywriters, marketers, publishers, & designers.

This alliance helps me ensure that you benefit from the greatest and latest techniques and psychology of persuasive writing.

Measure Your Results

You, as a marketer, need to be able to measure the success of your marketing projects. Direct response marketing is the best way to immediately see the results of your campaign.

I want you to know, unmistakably, if my writing is helpful to your sales. And online marketing is inherently direct response.

My Writing Journey

As a freelance business consultant for the past fifteen years, I’ve made a career of helping over a hundred small businesses succeed. As a result, I’ve seen a lot of successful and not-so-successful projects, practices, and sales models.

In June of 2014, I read an expert article on direct response copywriting as a marketing methodology. I immediately fell in love with the psychology and effectiveness of the medium. I wanted to learn more. As a result, I soon after began training as a copywriter.

Since embarking on this career, I have transitioned away from my other businesses, and now devote my focus to this industry. Now I enjoy helping others meet their marketing success every day.

What Really Matters to You

It’s two simple things. I’m easy to work with, and customer focused.

I strive to utilize new and creative ways to engage targeted prospects with useful content.

Sometimes staff writers get complacent. That’s not me. As a business person myself, I empathize with your need to generate sales for your business.

I treat your sales needs as my sales needs, because my success depends on yours. After all, it’s a team sport! Click here to get my help now.


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Jefferson Vinall