Public Relations – is it a mystery to you?

Public Relations – is it a mystery to you?

fictitious press releasePublic Relations is more than just writing media press releases. Yes, press releases are a big part of the job. But there is so much more!

At its heart, PR is all about building and maintaining a credible reputation. This goes beyond a focus on your target market.

PR is also about

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you gotta’ pay

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You Gotta’ Pay Are you tired of hearing that organic content is the way to drive traffic? Too bad, it’s true – kind of… There is another element to driving traffic. You need impressions. Your organic content isn’t worth spit if it doesn’t get seen by anyone. Unseen, you’re writing in a vacuum. What’s your impression? … Read more

Is Social Media Wasted Marketing?

Is Social Media Wasted Marketing? I need to confess that I have recently changed my thinking on social media for business. I used to question its effectiveness to the point of scoffing at it as merely “unfocused advertising.” This was because social media didn’t allow for very good tracking beyond rather uninformative “likes and shares.” … Read more

Are Stats Misleading You?

Are Stats Misleading You? Statistics are wonderful, there’s a stat for everything, but stats are not always true or relevant. Then there’s the old joke that 80% of all statistics are made up. This morning I came across a really interesting tweet that linked to an article posted today (Sept. 20, 2016) by a respected industry … Read more

Why creating customer relationships is more important than conversions

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Why creating customer relationships is more important than conversions. For e-commerce marketers, the cost to acquire a new customer can be daunting. For many years, the e-marketing priority has been on conversions. There has been a belief that new customers and “growing your list” is the holy grail of e-commerce. Unfortunately, the demographics are working … Read more