Promising Catalog Copy

It shouldn’t matter if your catalog is printed or electronic – it still needs to sell product. The copy in your catalog cannot be just boring product descriptions.

Website visitors or readers have to first decide that they want the product, before you bombard them with dull technical specifications.

Each written piece needs to seduce and persuade the reader to purchase that item. This is done by describing the benefits of the product, not its features. The reader needs to visualize how the product will solve a problem of theirs or make their life easier or better. That’s when they’ll decide they want it.

Only after they want to have the product, does a prospect care about the technical specifications of it. The techni-specs of the product can be described in a separate pop-up window, so as to not take away from the space available to draw in the reader with the listing copy.

There is a legitimate need to justify the emotional decision to buy, and the prospect does that with a subsequent analytical decision. A prospect who has now decided they want to buy your product will be willing (or need) to analyze if it’s truly right.

This leads them to click a link for the technical description. They can satisfy their analytical mind, and then proceed to checkout, or continue shopping.

Some writers turn away this kind of project, feeling that it isn’t glamorous enough. Some prefer to write longer sales copy.

For me, catalog projects are fun to write, full of variety, and are challenging. I would love to help your catalog generate sales effectively and efficiently!

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