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Newsletters, these days often E-newsletters, are information, usually free, intended to build trust with the audience. Often, these are introduced as free giveaways to a prospect, as a means of obtaining their contact information, keeping engaged with the prospect, and building trust in the hopes of future sales.

To be read, and to not be shunted to the spam box, each issue of a newsletter needs to provide value to your prospect. This is the perfect example of give to get. By providing useful and timely information to your prospect, you become esteemed in their mind, your brand is more easily recognized, and when the time is right for the prospect to make a purchase, you are one of, if not the first choice in their consciousness.

Newsletters can be weekly, monthly, quarterly – whatever is deemed best. The newsletter can focus on one specific topic, or as many as three topics. Generally, you won’t want to offer more than three topics per newsletter, but some exceptions apply.

Many businesses struggle to find content for their newsletters. Anybody can write content, but a skilled copywriter will write persuasive content with a goal that either builds trust or leads to a sales piece.

Is your E-Newsletter service effective?

An e-newsletter is best used to introduce a topic, and then link to a web page or blog for the full story. If this links to your page or blog, this can help with your search engine rankings by generating page visits. Sometimes though, it’s more beneficial to link to a third-party source for enhanced credibility.

Some marketers can subscribe to a pre-written industry e-newsletter, customized for your branding, for delivery to your list of prospects. These services come with a variety of options for audience buy-in. If you have access to one of these, that is great! It will save you thousands of dollars.

If done well, these e-newsletter services should be generating page visits or email inquiries for your company.

You may need my services to ensure that the page being visited, or your email reply, is effective at further engagement or making a sale. I am pleased to help you in either capacity – either with the whole newsletter copy, or the linked-to copy.

Some businesses prefer a printed version of a newsletter to engage with prospects. I can write printed copy for you too!

Email me to schedule a time for a telephone call or video chat to discuss newsletter ideas for your company.

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