Social Media

Social media advertising differs from social media marketing. The first refers to paid advertisements on social media. The second refers to unpaid, organic engagement on social media.

Social media advertising is the type of project I love to take on. This ad copy is generally quick to create, some A/B testing occurs, and you launch an ad. Then we assess the metrics for results.

Social media marketing is a different animal. It requires a continual effort of posts, monitoring, and replies. This breaks down into two service categories:

1.)  The first service category is consulting on your social media marketing efforts. I provide assessment and advice to your in-house social media managers, either as a one-time service or as an ongoing consultancy.

2.)  The second service category is to manage a social media account for you. These management projects are typically done on a retainer basis.

Social media marketing is great at keeping up brand awareness. This is important to your sales pipeline because some people may like your product or service, but not have the time or money to buy it. If you can keep up awareness of your brand, when that person is ready to make a purchase, they will remember you.

Don’t forget the SEO!

Yes, search engine optimization is necessary for a successful social media campaign. You need to offer relevant, high-quality content on your social media, but it should also employ a judicious amount of keywords.

Wherever possible, your social media should also generate traffic to your website. This provides the best bang for your buck.

An SEO copywriter can help with all of these challenges.

What platforms do you work on?

For Facebook and Twitter, I offer full account management. I can create or revise your accounts. This includes writing and posting new content, monitoring, and commenting or replying to posts in order to engage the community.

For LinkedIn, I provide content but leave your connection requests and other networking to you. I could never know everyone you know and meet, or whose services you might refer or not. Content I can do, but connections are too personal.

Blogging is an excellent means to engage communities. We can write and distribute blogs for you, as often as you need. One blog can be distributed across various platforms at once, for multiplied exposure.

In addition to regular engagement, if desired, I can also help you with paid advertising on these social media platforms.

For management of other social media services, I would refer you to a social media specialist better acquainted with those mediums.

For a free consultation, contact me now to discuss your social media project.

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