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Enjoy this action packed, page-turner novel, written by Jefferson Vinall.

Image of front cover of "Abandoned in Darkness". A novel of vampiric horror and intrigue, written by Jefferson Vinall.

Imagine being a college student in a mid-sized city. You have friends, school, and a part-time job.

One night you’re heading to a bar to meet some friends. On the way, you are violently snatched off the street and assaulted. When you regain consciousness, you can’t remember what exactly happened. 

You try to go about your evening, but you don’t feel right. Strange sensations overwhelm you. Bizarre instincts take hold. There is a cryptic voice in your head. Then, in a terrific moment of blood mania, you are forced to realize that you are now a vampire.

But how can that be? Vampires are fiction. They don’t really exist! And yet, here you are.

You find yourself abandoned to your own devices. You are condemned to learn how to survive your new existence on your own. 

After some time, you figure out how to survive your new condition. Then, by chance, you meet another vampire. Only, he’s not the one who made you. Now things get complicated.

Abandoned in Darkness takes you on a first-person journey from mortality to the horror of being a vampire. You witness all the inner thoughts and perspectives of one trying to cope with such a transformation. Then you are immersed into a society of blood-thirsty monsters, with more secrets and deceptions than just hiding their true natures.

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Warning: This novel contains mature themes, content, and graphic violence. It is intended only for an adult audience.