Video Scripts

“76.5% of professional marketers and SMB owners that have used video marketing say it has had a direct impact on their business.” – Source: Animoto, 2016 Social Video Forecast

Video can be a fantastic way to add personalization and life to your website, email ad, social media site, or e-newsletter. It may be a podcast or webinar that you’re planning, or maybe you want your product demonstration posted on YouTube. But you need someone to write that script professionally and persuasively.

Most people look at writing video scripts the same as writing a speech. They hate doing it, and it doesn’t come naturally.

In order to write a script for you, I will need to have enough discussions with you to understand your natural voice, manner of speaking, cadence of speech, and tone. If we’re working with a professional actor for the video, we can skip this.

Either way, it is important to me that the script allows you to:

  1. Speak naturally and sound like yourself;
  2. Maintain professionalism;
  3. Seem knowledgeable about your topic; and
  4. Sound both informative and persuasive.

I’ll also need to know if you will be presenting graphics or a slide show with the video.

One in four marketers and small and medium sized business owners feel behind the competition when it comes to video marketing. Don’t be left behind, contact me for your video script project today!

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