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Are you a manufacturer or distributor looking to generate more leads with a white paper? Is your company’s focus on business-to-business (B2B) sales?

If you spend a small fortune on web marketing to drive visitors to your online store, you know it’s frustrating when that investment doesn’t pay off.

We all have to justify the marketing budget. You need strategies that work. Whether you report to a boss, a board, partners, or just yourself, there is always pressure to perform.

Hire a professional copywriter, and stop stressing.

Want your site to rank higher in search results? Then you’ve got to have keyword rich content that is relevant to readers. Being relevant and useful keeps you top of mind, and turns leads into sales.

What is a copywriter?

Copywriting is the process of writing content that persuades a potential buyer to make a purchase. Whether that message is in the form of a video commercial script, a sales letter, website copy, or an entire ad campaign, it is the copywriter who writes those words.

Writing for B2B

In the B2B world, most buying decisions don’t happen on impulse. You know the B2B buying process takes time, the prospect needs to get to know and trust you, to research the product options, and the timing has to be right within their budget cycle.

So, you need to provide useful, relevant information to keep top of mind. That way, you become the company the buyer trusts, and your product is the one the buyer thinks of when the time is right for their purchase.

But, how do we achieve this?

Once a prospect sees your ad, you need to capture that lead. Persuasive writing convinces prospects to pay attention to your marketing pieces and to take action.

A white paper, or some other lead generation magnet, will warm the prospect. It will provide something valuable to them, and it will get them on your list.

When a prospect takes action, they are telling you, “I’m interested,” which allows you to advance them along the sales ladder.

Now you have a lead. A professional copywriter has the skills to drip relevant content to that lead, keeping your company on their radar.

By dripping useful content to the lead, they get to know you. They’ll remember you. They come to trust you. When the time is right for them to buy, they will think of you.

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There are tricks-of-the-trade that professional copywriters use to persuade buyers. You can benefit from professionally written content that will help you with focused, persuasive, and trackable marketing copy.

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Digital marketing is always trackable and results oriented, so you can readily determine if your marketing campaign is a success. I help companies sort out those analytics.

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