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You want to know that you are hiring the right freelance copywriter for your organization, and I’m happy to tell you why you should retain my services.

AWAI VerifiedYou will benefit from an AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc.) trained copywriter. AWAI is a leader in direct response copywriter training, whose program gurus include the likes of marketing greats Bob Bly, Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy, Don Hauptman, Don Mahoney, Joshua Boswell, Mark Everett Johnson, Mark Ford, and so many others. To be great, one has to study the greats. Thanks to AWAI, you will get professional copy from a trained professional.

PWA-logo-med-resAs a member of The Professional Writers’ Alliance, I have access to innumerable resources and expert colleagues. PWA is a community of copywriters, marketers, publishers, & designers. This alliance helps me ensure that you benefit from the greatest and latest techniques and psychology of persuasive writing.

I am committed to direct response copy versus other forms of advertising. This is because I firmly believe that you, as a marketer, need to be able to measure the success of your marketing projects. Direct response copy is the best way to immediately see the results of your campaign or project. I want you to know, unmistakably, if my work-product is helpful to your sales.

As a freelance business consultant for the past twelve years, I’ve made a career of helping over a hundred small businesses in various industries to succeed. I’ve seen a lot of successful and not-so-successful projects, practices, and sales models – great lessons, all.

I discovered direct response copywriting in June of 2014, and immediately fell in love with the psychology and effectiveness of the medium. I soon began training as a copywriter, have transitioned away from my other businesses, and now devote my focus to this industry, where I enjoy helping others meet their marketing success every day.

I am easy to work with, and customer focused.

I strive to utilize new and creative ways to engage targeted prospects with useful content. I enjoy staying on top of emerging trends in all avenues of online marketing.

As a business person myself, I can empathize with the difficulties inherent in your need to generate sales for your business. I treat your sales needs as my sales needs, because my success depends on yours. It is a team sport, after all. Click here to get my help now.


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Jefferson Vinall