Email Copywriting that Converts

Email marketing is very popular, but nobody likes to receive junk. This creates some challenges for marketers:

  • How do you get your email to stand out in an inbox?
  • How do you keep your email advertisement from ending up in a junk folder?
  • What will make people open your emails?
  • Even if opened, can you get an email viewer to read enough of your marketing message?
  • How do you know which parts of your email pitch are working or failing?
  • What will get an email reader to buy?

Yikes!  Want Help?

As a specialist in email marketing, I am trained and experienced in overcoming these very problems. There are strategies to deal with these problematic questions. Depending on your organization or industry, the techniques I use will be customized to better suit your products or services.

While marketing can be tricky to perfect, I understand what works in emailing leads and prospects. Because my copy is always direct response, I provide a means of tracking the campaign’s effectiveness.

I guarantee my copy will produce better results for you. If it doesn’t, I’ll work with you to revise it two times for free. If it still doesn’t work, I’ll refund my fees to you with no questions.

Projects Big and Small

Whether you are looking for a short-form email of 500-1000 words, or a long email sales letter of 2500-5000 words, it would be my pleasure to work with you. Maybe you are looking for a three piece string, or a full blown email sales promotion, whatever the size of your desired promotion, I can discuss the options and costs with you. I’m confident I can assist you.

How Does This Process Work?

The first step is to discuss your desired project, and provide you with a quote.

For any marketing project to succeed, it must have a clear focus. My process requires research of your product or service, gaining an understanding of your customer base, review of your previous sales promotions, and interviews with your sales people and willing customers. On the strength of that data, I can begin drafting the marketing copy.

Once drafted, I will provide the copy in draft format for your review. My quote includes up to two revisions. If you desire more than two revisions, additional charges will apply. Upon your approval, I will provide the final version for publication or further graphic design (I do not do graphic design).

I will typically suggest one or more test runs of the copy to tweak responses, before recommending full implementation.  As results come in, I am pleased to review all the metrics with you at predetermined intervals.

With every promotion, data is learned which identifies areas to be improved upon. This is expected by me, and should be expected by you. I anticipate your satisfaction with my marketing copy and the results.

When you like my results and hire me for future promotions, I am confident that with the tracked data acquired from our earlier promotion, we can beat the previous results.

My goal is to always beat the previous control.

If you would like to speak to me about email marketing, please inquire here.