Advertisement + Editorial

= Advertorial

Advertorials are designed to appear to be an editorial, even though it is intended to promote your product or service. They can be printed, digital, or video.

This type of copy needs to be well crafted in order to avoid seeming too sales-like. If you push the product or service in too obvious a fashion, or do so prematurely, the copy will lose credibility and the reader’s interest.

Additionally, some people view advertorials as deceptive – which can really damage credibility. For this reason, I am particularly selective in determining¬†whether I take on one of these types of projects, and will include my own contractual options to kill the project if I don’t feel it is going in the right direction.

One aspect that cannot be done, or cannot be done well, is tracking the effectiveness of an advertorial. Any of the usual tools marketers use to track or analyze a campaign’s success simply cannot be utilized without biasing the perception of the reader about the advertorial. That being said, it is not impossible to track, and there are some very clever means of doing so, but the results can be more difficult to dissect.

If you want to run an advertorial, it really should be written by a professional.

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