Sales Letters that Create Buyers

A sales letter is exactly what it sounds like. It is print advertising delivered to us directly, or published in a magazine, journal, or newspaper.

We’ve all received these direct mail pieces in our lives. It may not be an actual letter, and actually can take many various forms. Often, it is multiple pages in length, but can be a single page. These always include an order device of some kind, usually a detachable, postage-paid reply card to be completed and mailed in.

The technique I use for your campaign will vary depending on the particulars of your offering.

Sales letters used to be the standard marketing piece, but have since been largely replaced by cheaper methods of delivering your message.

The ironically important aspect of a sales letter is that it should not sell. Rather, it needs to convince a prospect to want to buy your product or service.

So many marketers have switched to emails, and have now completely dropped printed sales letters, that the sales letter can now again be a refreshing stand-out piece of advertising. Sometimes people pay more attention to something physical that they can hold and read, rather than an electronic message.

Sales letters are more expensive to publish, print & deliver, but they can be well worth the new novelty.

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