Why we love metrics (or analytics)

Metrics tell you if the marketing copy is successful. If every marketing effort you make doesn’t provide you with some means of easily identifying its success or failure, your money is being wasted. Don’t waste your money!

One metric is response rates. Response rates are often defined as sales orders received versus offers made. The reality is that you can also gauge response rates by the clicks that are made versus the visitors to a web page.

Every click that a prospect makes once they have landed on your web site tells you something about the prospect. Every click is a metric, and these are often called click-through-rates or CTR’s. Clicks tell you what product or service visitors are more interested in than others. This allows you to promote the things that you need or want to. Clicks can tell you what you should be offering first. These metrics can identify how customer purchasing is trending. Metrics will tell you what copy is working well, or what needs to be tweaked. Metrics tell you where more information may be required. 

Information is power. Metrics provide information, knowledge about your prospect. Knowing your prospect better, allows you to meet their needs more effectively. Meeting their needs better generates more sales.

My copy is designed to engage the prospect with valuable information, and to encourage the prospect to take action. Each action or successive action creates a metric – good or bad. I review the click rates of my copy with you at scheduled intervals to determine the copywriting project success.

Projects I take on are more than the simple provision of some copy and then all is forgotten. I work with you to understand what the metrics are telling us both, and to ensure that the copy I provide is successful.

That ends my short brief on metrics. I told you on the last page that if you followed this short detour, I would make it easy for you to pick up where you left off, so now just close this page and pick up where you left off.