Landing Pages that Convert

Great, somebody clicked through to your landing page! Now what?

The very first impression a visitor gets of your offer and company is the landing page. It only has a few brief seconds to make a great first impression, or lose the visitor forever.

Landing pages are specialty sales pages arrived at via an advertisement or sales email. When a visitor clicks the link in your sales email or ad, it should bring them to an ultra-specific landing page with one sole purpose.

To minimize confusion within the mind of the visitor, a landing page should not be your home page.

One Goal Only

A landing page should have just one focused purpose for the visitor. Keep it simple, one goal only! The important tasks for the landing page to accomplish are to:

  1. Immediately tell the visitor where they are and what you offer;
  2. Represent you in the best possible light;
  3. Give or tell something of value to retain the visitor and earn their trust; and,
  4. Direct the visitor to take action.

Visitor Action

The type of action your visitor takes may be any of the following:

  • Sign up for a free report
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Download an e-book for free
  • Receive a no-obligation consultation
  • Tell me more
  • Request a product demo/giveaway
  • Buy now!

Every word on the landing page should lead the visitor to take action. The whole point of marketing is to take leads and make them prospects, and turn prospects into buyers.

Losing can be a good thing

After arriving on your landing page, if a visitor should happen to navigate away from your site, it is not a total loss, because you now know that visitor wasn’t really interested.

Perhaps they clicked on a link inadvertently, or maybe they misunderstood your lead generator, and this really isn’t the place for them – that’s okay.

There is nothing you can do about accidental clicks.

If your lead generating email or advertisement was done well, it will mitigate misunderstandings.

Losing these types of visitors is actually a good thing. It allows all your subsequent copy to be more focused.

By thinning the herd, you are left with better qualified prospects.

Good Copy, Great Copy

Good copy may lead a visitor to take action. Great copy will reduce anxiety, and convince the visitor that taking action is something they actually want to do.

When a visitor does take the desired action, you learn that you now have an interested party, and you can take more time to romance your products or services. With that action, you now have a metric to compare “accidental” visitors to interested visitors. Your minimally qualified lead is now becoming a bona-fide prospect.

Once your visitor takes an action that we have laid out for them, your new prospect has now advanced to the next step of your sales ladder.

With direct response copy, our job is not only to achieve “buy-in” but also to do so in a way that you can measure and compare to previous or new marketing plans.

Scoring the Point

The point of the landing page is to generate a lead that you can engage with further, either now or later. You give the visitor something they perceive as having greater value than what they will give you (their contact information).

After the visitor clicks the submit button for the free report or newsletter or whatever else you are giving them, you now have an opportunity to engage them further on the confirmation page, and lead them to another landing page or your home page.

Upon ordering from the landing page, the next page your visitor is lead to should provide more information to the visitor, and will better identify what products or services of yours the visitor is interested in. With each successive layer of engagement, we gain the trust of your prospect, and advance them toward a sale.

See the next step of layered engagement here.


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